Thank you for the opportunity to serve you in the Idaho State Senate—what an honor to represent District 7 in Boise!  Read on for more details.

-Senator Sheryl Nuxoll

Do You Want Less Government?

As a working wife and mother, Sheryl has co-managed a successful family ranch/farm with Felix since 1975.  She was a part-time high school teacher and earned a BBA from Gonzaga University, holding a CPA license until 1988.

  • ALLOW... the private sector to increase jobs rather than government expansion
  • STIMULATE... the economy through stabilizing taxes rather than increasing them
  • RESTORE... states rights and governing to the local level, oppose overregulation
  • DEFEND... the dignity of every human person to natural death
  • SUPPORT... your constitutional right to bear arms
  • RESTORE... parents to their proper role as primary educators by reestablishing local control


Please send your donations to:

Sheryl Nuxoll for Senate
c/o Denise Nuxoll, Treasurer
POB 442
Cottonwood, ID 83522

Thank you!


Our founders believed in limited government, and so do I.

I will work for "Less Government and More Opportunity".

Like you, I treasure our freedom and opportunity.


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